Originally Posted on » 6th February 2008

On Tuesday, February the 5th 2008, Manchester based charity Youth Charter provided an exciting and fun packed Climate Change awareness programme at Moorside School, Salford.

Youth Charter ambassadors, Paralympic and world champion swimmer and cyclist, Sarah Bailey MBE, Commonwealth and England Basketball International, Carl Miller and five times world Karate Champion and Chairman of the Youth Charter Geoff Thompson MBE teamed up with students and teachers to provide an exciting Climate Change awareness programme using Rugby, Soccer, and Art.

Year 8 students forming teams with names such as the Ice Caps, the Co2 Crew, Clim8, Recyle1 and the Polar Bears competed to be awarded the highly prized Youth Charter scroll, signed by sporting legends such as Sir Bobby Charlton, Nelson Mandela, Dame Mary Peters, David Beckham, Clive Lloyd, Sir Steven Redgrave, Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, Lennox Lewis and Linford Christie.

As part of Defra Climate Change awareness campaign, Youth Charter’s Carbonwise programme explained to the children about global warming and what your carbon footprint means. It brought awareness of their current and future role in protecting the environment. Other activities included basketball, soccer and rugby all helping the children learn about the importance of teamwork and fitness towards healthy living. Citizenship curriculum learning through music was also covered with graffiti art and a Carbon Rap delivered as part of the fun packed day.

Everyone was very touched and inspired by local Paralympic world champion and gold medallist Sara Bailey’s speech to the children in the closing assembly. She said how, with hard work, dedication and determination, each one of them is able go for their dream and reach their goal. It was one of the few quiet moments of the day, the children were in awe and you could hear a pin drop.

Sponsored by the Salford Quays based office of Europe’s leading property company, Land Securities Trillium, Salford Citizenship in Action showcased the Youth Charters 15 years of work in some of the most challenging school and community environments locally, nationally and internationally.
Paul Glass representing Land Securities Trillium, Youth Charter’s Citizenship in Action sponsor, said he was delighted to attend and participate in the Carbonwise activities at Moorside School in Salford:

“The day was a great success and engaging with young people and the community is at the heart of Land Securities Trillium’s core values and culture. Our goal is to make an immediate and lasting impact on the quality of life in the communities in which we operate. For us this means investing in initiatives that measurably improve the social, economic and environmental fabric of the local communities.”

Geoff Thompson MBE, Youth Charter founder and Executive Chairman commented:

“It’s a tragedy that our young people kill one another on the streets, this is a product of society. It’s also a tragedy that mankind is killing planet earth, creating climate change and therefore devaluing the future of this earth – our youth. There’s so much we can do, but human nature only reacts when tragedy occurs, and in this case, it will be too late. We must take action to develop and instill a sense of self-worth and responsibility for self, community and planet earth. With the assistance of a unique public/private sector partnership, the Defra Climate Change awareness campaign will see LST raise the bar and raise the potential for young people and communities nationally.”

Editor’s notes:

The Youth Charter is a U.K. registered charity and U.N. accredited non-governmental organisation. Launched in 1993 as part of the Manchester 2000 Olympic bid and 2002 Commonwealth Games, the Youth Charter has campaigned and promoted the role and value of sport, arts and cultural activity in the lives of disaffected young people from disadvantaged communities nationally and internationally. The Youth Charter has a proven track record in the creation and delivery of social and human development programmes with the overall aim of providing young people with an opportunity through sport, arts and cultural activity to develop in life. Citizenship in Action is an umbrella initiative delivering its Youthwise programme to young people and communities locally and globally. Over 500 sportsmen and women and celebrities globally have signed the Youth Charter Scroll in support of the Charity’s aims and objectives.

Specifically, the Youth Charter’s programmes and projects tackle educational non-attainment, health inequality, anti-social behaviour and the negative effects of crime, drugs, gang related activity and racism by applying the ethics of sporting and artistic excellence to which young people can relate – namely discipline, fair play, team work and healthy competition. These can then be translated to provide social and economic benefits of citizenship, rights and responsibilities, with improved education, health, social order and environment.