Local London 2012 Olympic hopeful, Shauna Thompson, a track and field athlete, has been training with the British lacrosse team at the Eastland’s stadium, to improve her sprinting. Shauna, 18, is a former Commonwealth Youth Games Champion, and qualified for the recent World Youth Championship in the 100m and 200m. The Sale Harriers Manchester star is studying for her A Levels at Salford College and said: ‘I just want to see how well my athletics career goes this year because I might not want to go to university just yet. I really want to go to London 2012 and if I’m not studying it means I can train a lot harder.’

A star-studded turnout is expected at Old Trafford on Saturday, however, it won’t be the usual mighty reds, rather a celebrity all star line out for the charity match, United Relief. One of those playing will be TV presenter, and Chelea fan, Tim Lovejoy who said: ‘Yes, it will be nice to play at the ground of this year’s Premier League runner’s-up.’

Middleton-based company ‘Kitbag’ are to open Europe’s first dedicated World Cup store in Manchester. The shop will be open for 90 days and has seen a £500,000 investment by the Kitbag, with 60 people employed in store and another 110 people at their warehouse and call centre. The company has a £50m-turnover and currently employs 200 people.

The 10th anniversary of the Lowry gallery has been celebrated with artistic expression that excludes many that have contributed to the rich social and cultural journey so far. With a cultural oasis of potential with Media City and all things ongoing in regeneration, what an opportunity missed!

A Manchester court has heard how Donald Williams, 32, stabbed a 17-year-old who was part of group youths who taunted him with racist abuse, and assaulted him. The victim, Michael Green, claimed to have been breaking up the confrontation when he was stabbed. The incident followed the vandalism of a car, which led to the confrontation with a group of youths aged 14 to18.

A 17-year-old youth died at the exclusive nightclub where Wayne Rooney was celebrating being named player of the year. The Portuguese teenager collapsed at Whisky Mist and was taken to hospital. A 37-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of supplying class A drugs.

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with the murder of Cody Turner who was found stabbed to death in a street. Cody, 17, was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital but died from his wounds. He had been found in the Tonge Moore area of Bolton following a disturbance. Police have arrested a woman, aged 34 and two 18-year-old men, on suspicion of assisting an offender, who were later released on bail pending further inquiries.

A soccer match in Moston was abandoned after thugs invaded the pitch and attacked players with axes and baseball bats. The gang of five had nothing to do with either Moston Brook or their opponents, Bedians, who were playing a Lancashire and Cheshire League Cup match. Referee Pete Tupman, 47, abandoned the match and said: ‘It was about 20 minutes in when these five just walked across the pitch. The ringleader was approaching players trying to touch knuckles with them. One of the Moston Brook lads asked him to leave and quick as a flash he pulled out this baseball bat and hit him. Another player went to help but one of the others in the gang produced an axe so everybody backed off. They then walked across the pitch and one of them urinated on it.’

A former Coronation Street star has admitted in an autobiography that she took cocaine between filming scenes for TV show. Denise Welch, 51, revealed the details in her book, Pulling Myself Together, which details her drug use from her 20s into motherhood.

Abdullah Azad, 76, from Didsbury, helped 15,000 people stay illegally in Britain with forged visas that were good enough to even fool the Home Office. The master forger received thousands of pounds from immigrants, with some people given British citizenship as result of using his fake documents. Mr Azad was caught in 2007 when the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) raided a ‘welfare centre’ he ran from Moss Side. SOCA officers found 400 foreign passports and 5,000 family files relating to up to 15,000 people. Azad, a father-of-two was jailed for five years at Manchester Crown Court for pleading guilty to 19 offences of forgery, 13 offences of assisting in unlawful immigration, providing immigration service’s when not qualified and possessing a stamp for use in fraud from 2003 and 2007.

A dad who claimed to have lashed out at his sons with a belt in an attempt to keep them away from crime has been spared jail. The unnamed father admitted four charges of child cruelty against his two sons at Manchester Crown Court. The African-born Moston man had hit his children with a belt on the hands and over their clothes with the ‘best intentions’ and didn’t know he was doing wrong. The father said he was determined to ‘make amends’, he lost his job and nearly his wife, and his children were taken into care. He received a community punishment and was reunited with his family under the supervision of social services. The father said: ‘I feel very remorseful for what I did. I did it because the behaviour of the two children was very worrying to me. They were stealing and they were lying a lot and misbehaving at school. This is a society where all these things will get you into trouble. My worry was that if this behaviour continued they would end up in gangs. The sooner you know what’s acceptable, the better and I wanted to curb the misbehaving in the home. It’s true that I have beat them, no more than twice, but it doesn’t mean that I hate them or was hostile to them, it’s just discipline. It gave me no pleasure to do it, but I didn’t want them to become delinquents. It’s accepted back home that if a child behaves in a bad way you give them a little stroke. I didn’t know it was illegal here, it wasn’t something I did in a way where I really meant to cause injury. I had no knowledge it was harmful. It was a relief that the judge understood why I did what I did. I now have to look for way forward for my relationship with my family.’ WFTS comments – maybe if more fathers took an interest in their son’s behaviour there would be less crime.

London Olympic 2012 medal prospect, Keri-Anne Payne has opened a new open water swimming facility in Salford Quays. The world champion swimmer from Heywood helped with the launch of the first open water recreational facility in the North West at Dock 9 of the quays, the brainchild of professional coach David Quatermain. WFTS comments – the quays have been the swimming pool for the local Salfordian’s since they were built, let’s hope the youth are given access to coaching and the facility.

The home of LS Lowry could be turned into an arts workshop for children. The run down house where the famous Salford artist lived for 40 years has the backing of the Lowry arts centre in Salford Quays and from top politicians in the area. WFTS comments – seems a logical proposal for Salford artistic heritage.

Another elder passes, a community takes time to reflect on a contribution made of value reflected upon and the legacy challenged in all things current and in the future. Judge Downie did much, achieved much and realised much in the difficult times when all things social and cultural were not even considered as fair, just or indeed equal.