The Youth Charter Olympic Legacy Conference is the culmination of the agency’s ongoing work in developing the social and human potential of the bidding and hosting of major games. As part of its global Citizenship in Action initiative, the Youth Charter hosted the 2010 Muhammad Ali Scholars Tour of the UK. The tour included brining together global citizens who would engage locally with young citizens in communities throughout the UK. The four day tour saw the Muhammad Ali Scholars team up with the British Council to provide a unique Anglo-American youth culture experience that would see them discuss, debate and decide the issues that affect their lives socially, culturally and politically. The Olympic Legacy Conference was a unique gathering of 21st century citizens contributing to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic inspiration effort.

The conference was facilitated by Roehampton University and was the highlight of the tour bringing together policy makers in both sport and the arts, public private sector agencies, community based organisations, for a day of debate and development into new ideas. The conference aims were to provide a platform and opportunity to engage, motivate and inspire issues, recommendations and above all actions that would assist and inform the newly elected government and the 2012 Olympic Local Organising Committee to meet the social and cultural challenges that young people face locally and globally.

If you want to get involved and become part of the debate then, submit your feedback in the comments box below and engage with the legacy.

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