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Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012 – AND FINALLY…

Marathon runner, Noel Bresland, has been picked to carry the Paralympic torch. Mr Besland, 35, from Stretford, is aiming to complete 223 marathons in memory of his late nephew Ethan died who died at the tender age of 223 days. Ethan had been born 15 weeks premature in 2007, so far Noel has completed 43 marathons and will soon reach number 44 when he takes in the Gloucester Marathon next weekend. His efforts have seen £60,000 raised for children’s charities. Noel said: “It will be a very proud moment for me. Ethan’s twin Erin still has so many battles to More >

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012 – QUOTES

“The army taught me how to be a man.”

-       Tom Gilchrist, 26, who was discharged from the Royal Anglian on Boxing Day – now he is working in schools across the South East.


“We are testing everything at this stage to make sure we deliver a safe and secure Olympics.”

-       Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary.


“If I stay out of jail I can help others.”

-       Mervyn Wetsfield, who became the first English-born cricketer found guilty of a spot-fixing charge.


“Players are now blaming each other for giving bad advice.”

-       A source close to soccer stars who invested in a failed investment scheme.

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Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012 – INTERNATIONALLY

The African Cup of Nations will kick off with the continents tradition big soccer teams of Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa and Egypt. There absence has raised eyebrows as these are also some of the richest soccer nations on the continent and their non-appearance at this year’s tournament highlights how their resources have been wasted. There 15 players from eight clubs flying out to Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to represent five different nations. The Ivory Coast has six English based players, and Senegal have five most notable of which is Newcastle United’s top goal scorer Demba Ba who will be sorely More >

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012 – NATIONALLY

A new five-year youth and community sport strategy has been launched by Sport England with aim of providing a lasting Olympic and Paralympic legacy. The plan will be delivered between 2012 and 2017, with a £1bn investment from the National Lottery and Exchequer. One of the core aims of the strategy is raise the number of 14- to 25-year-olds playing sport and National Governing Bodies of sport will be provided support to deliver on this. A new community activation fund will provided to County Sport Partnerships to work with NGBs to increase the transition of young people from school sport More >

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012 – REGIONALLY

Ambitious Toxteth teenager, community activist and Youth Charter friend, Ben Osu, has stated his intention to have an even bigger 2012, following his successes in 2010 and 2011. Ben, 19, wants to pursue a career as a television presenter, public relations and media mogul. He is already an ambassador of the Anthony Walker Foundation and a community champion. In 2010 the MOBO awards came to Liverpool thanks to Ben’s Facebook campaign, and an email to the awards founder Kanya King. Ben was rewarded for his efforts in this campaign with being named as 2010 Merseyside Black Achievers Awards Young Person More >

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012 – LOCALLY

The 3rd January did indeed mark an historic, poignant and very significant road map in the Youth Charter journey. It is worth remembering that it will not only be the Stephen Lawrence name and legacy that will continue to inspire the agency’s continued efforts. Eighteen years ago, James Bulger tragically lost his life and Benji Stanley was to also die. Whilst justice was served with regards to the Bulger case, the Lawrence family has waited a generation in order to see justice partially served. The judge stated that the murder had left a stain on Britain. He is correct, but More >

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012

With the feelings the same locally as they are globally, its time to work on the positive and dispel the negative – positive thinking produces positive actions…

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012 – AND FINALLY…

The profile of a Polish artist has been raised through a publicity stunt in which he hung a piece of work in National Musuem in Poland. Andrzej Sobiepan told reporters that he didn’t want to “wait 30 or 40 years” for his work to on show at the national gallery. His work was not discovered for three days and has now been moved to the café in the museum. Sobiepan, took inspirations from Banksy’s 2005 stunt in which he put his work in several New York galleries. Mariusz Hermansdorfer, director of the museum in Wroclaw, said: “It has shown that More >

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012 – QUOTES

“We want our black players to feel comfortable that racism can be dealt with in football terms…….We must eradicate any reference to skin colour.”

-       PFA chief executive, Gordon Taylor, thoughts on eradicating racism. WFTS comments – does this mean I can’t refer to myself as a “white boy from the countryside”? If police ask for a description of someone will that the witness have to say.. “he was not your colour.. or mine.. nor his… or hers… yes, that one over there, his colour..”


“It was my mistake. I was with a film crew on Mount Etna. It was a simple, genuine More >

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd January 2012 – INTERNATIONALLY

The importance of physical activity in helping children to improve their academic achievements has been highlighted by a research article in the Dutch Archives of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine journal. The study from VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam reviewed 14 studies, which involved more than 12,000 children, and it highlighted the fact that exercise increases the blood and oxygen flow to the brain. In addition to the physical benefits the study also noted the how participation in sport supports children develop the discipline required to perform academically. Dr Amika Singh said: “Children who learn to participate in sport also More >