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Word From the Streets w/c 23rd May 2011 – AND FINALLY…

Liverpool teenage ballerina, Heather McGowan, has become the fifth ever British dancer to be accepted to study at the prestigious Russian Bolshoi academy. The 235-year-old Moscow ballet school accepted the 16-year-old from Huyton after she sent an audition tape. Her parents are now hoping to raise £15,000 to cover the costs of her first year at the world class school. Costs include 1,300 euro-a-month fees, flights and numerous £40-a-pair pointe shoes. Heather will be the first Merseyside pupil to attend the academy and she was ecstatic when she he heard the news, saying: “When I found out, I just could More >

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd May 2011 – QUOTES

“What, nigger? Nigger? Nigger’s not offensive. Nothing wrong with nigger. I know loads of niggers.”

-       The response of an unnamed leading figure from the fashion world that was challenged by TV presenter Ben Douglas about his flippant use of the highly offensive, insulting and inflammatory word.  The culturally ignorant assailant is friends with stars Kate Moss and Lilly Allen.

“Trains are late, state schools are rubbish and I’ve got to give you four million quid? Are you having a laugh?”

-       The response by singer Adele when she realised how big her tax bill was going to be.

“Closing libraries is child abuse.”

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Word From the Streets w/c 23rd May 2011 – INTERNATIONALLY

FIFA politics have been fully focused on allegations of corruption and the highest ranking whistle blower to date is USA’s executive committee member Chuck Blazer. The 66-year-old from New York has given witness statements testifying that he saw the Jack Warner offering gifts to the heads of Caribbean soccer associations in the run up to FIFA presidential elections. Warner, from Trinidad and Tobago is the head of the CONCAF and a FIFA executive member, he alleged to have been bribing his regional officials to vote for Mohamed Bin Hamman to become the next FIFA president. The current FIFA president, Sepp More >

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd May 2011 – NATIONALLY

The playboy affairs of soccer players from the Premier League continue to be hidden from the public through High Court gagging orders. In the latest incident an England player has used two court orders to hide an affair just months before his wedding and another shortly afterwards. The player had feared losing his wife and lucrative sponsorship deals. It is one of 80 such orders in the past six years, 18 of which have come in the last year. Ryan Giggs has been alleged to have used an order to cover his affair with reality TV star, Imogen Thomas, and More >

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd May 2011 – REGIONALLY

Police have made a fresh appeal for information into the shooting of Eddie Pybis. An emotional statement was issued by Eddie’s family on what should have been his 21st birthday. Eddie, from Norris Green, was killed when a shot was fired into the car he was travelling in from a stolen black BMW 740i which pulled alongside their silver Volvo estate. The family statement from his mother, dad and two sisters read: “Our family is left utterly devastated. It has been over four months since our beloved son and brother was cruelly taken from us. It is his 21st birthday More >

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd June 2011 – LOCALLY

It has now been 10 years since the Oldham race riots, and the people of the town, councillors, and peace makers have remembered the situation at the time, the progress being made and need to maintain the good work. Peace campaigning taxi driver Fazal Rahim, 49, is a co-ordinator with the Oldham Inter-faith Forum, and the father-of-five said: “The riots brought a lot of issues that were simmering to the surface. They made us sit up and take notice. Oldham’s reaction was to recognise the problems and stand in solidarity. We did this in 2001, after 9/11, and again after More >

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd May 2011

Climate change and our carbon footprint – what are we doing to help the environment. The future is our young people – education is the key and the knowledge of what to do and more importantly what not to do. Encourage walking and cycling, turn off all electrical appliances, waste less, save more… Harold Camping may have been wrong again about the end of the world, but how much can this planet take… Lets make a change, make a difference and in the words of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson – make the world a better place…

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Word From the Streets w/c 16th May 2011 – AND FINALLY…

Top business executives, Paul Chester and Nigel Cooke, who are senior client partners with Coutts in Manchester have raised £20,000 for ChildLine after completing the Lake District 3000. The challenge is climb the Lake Districts four mountains which reach heights of over 3,000ft. The pair scaled Skiddaw, Helvellyn, Scafell Pike and Scafell during a 16 hour period of to eight-hour shifts.  Mr Chester said: “Climbing all four peaks in 16 hours and in atrocious weather was certainly no mean feat. But I’m glad to report we completed the challenge and are all back in one piece, bar a few blisters. More >

Word From the Streets w/c 16th May 2011 – QUOTES

“My father Osama was cold, cruel….and he cheated at football.”

-       Omar Bin Laden, who has been discussing his childhood with the now dead terrorist leader, who…..

“…appeared to gain much pleasure from enforcing the strictest rules, creating a home filled with joyless children. Our daily life was bleak because everything pleasurable was forbidden.”

“We don’t judge. We Understand.”

-       An anonymous graffiti artist.

“All my season was sh** – can I say that? I’ve played not very well but today maybe I played more for the team.”

-       Mario Balotelli, swearing on national TV following his team’s FA Cup victory. The Manchester City striker may More >

Word From the Streets w/c 16th May 2011 – INTERNATIONALLY

A US academic and economist has called for parents to have more fun with children and quit stressing with them. Dr Bryan Caplan has written a book titled Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids: Why Being a Great Parent is Less Work and More Fun than You Think. The father of three who works at the Georg Mason University in Virginia, said: “What I’m trying to say is, if you are a person who likes the idea of kids, being a great parent is less work and more fun than you think. Right now, parents are ‘overcharging’ themselves for each More >