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Word From the Streets W/C 14th March 2011 – AND FINALLY…

A young snowboarder who has a hip condition has become the youngest member of the Team GB junior snowboarding squad. Thomas ‘Tomski’ Robinson, aged 9, from Urmston, suffers from excessive femoral anteversion, a condition which causes his hip joints to twist so his knees and feet bend outwards, making it difficult for him to walk. The pupil from St Mary’s Primary School in Partington, is in a squad with athletes who are three years older than him and will be training in Laax Switzerland, ahead of the British championships. His Team GB coach, Dane Wakeham, a former Olympian, said: “Tomski More >

Word From the Streets W/C 14th March 2011 – QUOTES

“Women slept in the street without anyone harassing them. People left belongings in the street in the certain knowledge no one would steal them.”

-       Alaa al-Aswany, writing about the Egyptian revolution in the The Times.

“People say I got the chance too young but I learnt things and I think I am a better jockey now, and a better person.”

-       Joe Tizzard, a young Jockey who is being trained to be a champion hurdler.

“I no longer need players who go clubbing at Steaua. Each player will be on the landline at 10pm and whoever is not home will be fined five More >

Word From the Streets W/C 14th March 2011 – INTERNATINOALLY

The massive earthquake that has wreaked havoc in Japan has left a disturbing threat for the Japanese people, as a nuclear reactor, struck by 13m Tsunami following the Earthquake, continues to overheat and threaten a nuclear disaster. More than 120,000 people have had to evacuate the area surrounding the Fukushima nuclear plant. The devastating disaster has claimed at least 17,000 lives with more still missing, most presumed dead. It was the fifth largest earthquake in the past 100 years and the cost of rebuilding has been estimated at around £147billion.

Collections by British students have been held at universities, colleges and More >

Word From the Streets W/C 14th March 2011 – NATINOALLY

The government is to ring fence £4bn to invest in public health at a local level. As part of this investment the government consult with the public on proposals to tackle lifestyle-driven health problems. Sport England have called on the sports sector to join the debate, and their chief executive Jennie Price, said: “Sport has a powerful case to make on public health. But we really need as many organisations as possible, locally and nationally, to bring their perspective to this debate to ensure that sport’s voice is heard.”

An annual triathlon event designed for children of all abilities is set More >

Word From the Streets W/C 14th March 2011 – REGIONALLY

Liverpool council has pledged to invest £1.4m to help address the number of young people who classified in as “NEETs”, not in employment, education or training. The investment will involve up to 90 young people aged 16 to 18 who have a learning difficulty or a disability, and a 540 over 18’s who are in not in work or not on skills courses. The programmes will be delivered in partnership with Liverpool One, the Carlisle group and the Greenbank Project.

A gang of three teenagers and a young father have been jailed for kidnapping two boys and putting them through eight-hours More >

Word From the Streets W/C 14th March 2011 – LOCALLY

Young soccer stars from Davyhulme Primary School who made the final of the schools FA Cup have been disappointed to find that a ground switch has meant that instead of playing at Wembley they will have to play in Watford. The final will now take place at Watford FC’s training ground. The decision was made because the English Schools FA cannot afford to pay the Football Association’s going rate for the national stadium. In 2009 the schools FA made a loss of £80,000 by holding the final at the national stadium. Their team coach, Lee Parkinson, said: “I was told More >

Word From the Streets W/C 14th March 2011

Costs, costs and more costs. The Olympics now stand to cost around twice the original price estimated. Some governing bodies are wondering how they can enter a full team. How can this be? The Local Organising Committee surely got in the best of the best to work on the figures – who is left to foot the bill – oh yes, us tax payers. Stop mis-spending our money – stop with your huge expense accounts – make cuts where you can so that the athletes who have been training for years for this opportunity have the opportunity to do so. 

More >

Word From the Streets w/c 7th March 2011 – AND FINALLY…

Esme Phillips was born with her feet slanting inwards and as result she could barely walk. However, at the age of seven she was given the option of either having an operation or having ballet training. Esme chose the latter and now she has been picked to appear in Coppelia with the English Youth Ballet. The 10-year-old from Hepburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, no longer needs surgery, Esme said: “I love dancing, it’s my favourite thing to do, and I like ballet the best because it’s helped my condition. My feet still hurt a bit when I put them into first position but More >

Word From the Streets w/c 7th March 2011 – QUOTES

“What I loved about the World Cup was how people came up to me and said that was a really great game of rugby.”

-       Maggie Alphonsi, England women’s Rugby number 7, on the success of the women’s Rugby World Cup tournament in South Africa.

“We do not need psychologists and we are focusing on small things. We are not worried about failing under pressure.”

-       A B De Villiers, Australian batsman who feels that his side is not in need of pshcological support.

“This is too serious to be playing politics”

-       Richard Ottaway, the chair of the Foreign affairs committee was defending William More >

Word From the Streets w/c 7th March 2011 – INTERNATIONALLY

International Women’s Day was marred as women protestors were harassed and harangued by counter-male protestors in Africa. In the Egyptian capital of Cairo a planned Million Woman March descended into chaos after the rally was disrupted by groups of men who directed misogynistic abuse at the woman. Similar scenes were witnessed in Ivory Coast and Sudan. Ms Amer from Cairo said: “They were very aggressive and very hostile. They would corner two or three girls together and start shouting at them and harassing them.”

Iran has been accused of using “child soldiers” in its attempts to put down anti-government protests. Children More >