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Word From the Streets w/c 31st January 2011 – AND FINALLY…

Crompton Cricket Club from Los Angeles are to be the first US-born cricket team to tour Australia. The team is not the conventional village green cricket, as the players have gang tattoos and criminal records instead of posh accents and public school education. Issac Hayes who plays for Compton Cricket Club said: “It has been hard keeping the team together. Some guys had kids, some got shot, some got killed and some went to prison. We’ve lost a couple of guys. But thats two guys in more than ten years. Coming from where we do, we are blessed it has More >

Word From the Streets w/c 31st January 2011 – QUOTES

“The kids who are causing all the trouble in this area wouldn’t be seen dead in a youth club or a community centre. I’m not knocking what the community centre has done, but they are providing for the kids who aren’t the problem, and that solves nothing.”

-        Mr Davies, who runs United Estates of Wythenshawe, on the services provided by Benchill Community Centre.

“Not so long ago, I could go to my friends house round the corner any time of the day or night. But now I would never dream of going outside after 9pm. Benchill has gotten better materially. The More >

Word From the Streets w/c 31st January 2011 – INTERNATIONALLY

The noble sport of cricket has been taken to fields the of Afghanistan, to more young people who have lost many of their peers in war, as British troops develop positive relationships with local populations in Shingul are of northern Afghanistan state of Nad Ali. The area was once an ambush zone for insurgents.

The success of the Venezuelan 26-year-old professional golfer, Jhonattan “Jonny” Vegas, has lead to plaudits from socialist president Hugo Chavez following his international success. Mr Chavez is not renowned for his love of “bourgeois” sport such as golf but following the success of the “Jonny” from the More >

Word From the Streets w/c 31st January 2011 – NATIONALLY

In 2006 Prime Minister David Cameron was hosted by the Youth Charter on a visit to Moss Side, along with the minister for crime prevention, MP James Brokenshire. At the time the ‘hug-a-hoodie’ was a policy of the Tory party who were promising to fix ‘broken-Britain’. This week saw the end to the ‘hug-a-hoodie’ mantra and a full swing about-turn as the government announced its new gang-injunction powers. The new powers will see gang members banned from: wearing their gang (‘team’) colours; entering a rival’s territory (the away ground); and walking the streets with dogs used to intimidate people (acting More >

Word From the Streets w/c 31st January 2011 – REGIONALLY

A new apprenticeship scheme being run Liverpool council in partnership with local businesses has seen 10 applications for each position. A total of 1,183 applications were going for the 133 positions on offer.

A teenager from the Wirral has been knocked down by a bus. The 13-year-old boy was taken to hospital with serious head injuries.

A teenager has been arrested over the murder of Joey Cummins. The 18-year-old from Croxteth handed himself into the police and asked to speak to detectives about the murder. Joey, 15, was found lying on the pavement and died in hospital, he had been gunned down More >

Word From the Streets w/c 31st January 2011 – LOCALLY

A march through Manchester against cuts to education saw 20 people arrested, 13 of whom were given £80 fines for public order offences, two others were fined for obstructing a public highway and obstructing police, whilst three others were arrested for breach of the peace and were released without charge. A 26-year-old man of no-fixed abode was charged with using threatening words and behaviour. The men, all aged 17 to 36, were part of a 200 strong breakaway group that clashed with police. There were around 3,500 people who part in a peaceful march that was organised by the NUS More >

Word From the Streets w/c 31st January 2011

The world’s leaders meet with a community of NGO’s, movers and shakers, thinkers and activists on how the world can make a more socially and economically better place to live. Lets hope all things street make sense, all things youth make sense, all things communities globally and locally make sense…

Word From the Streets w/c 24th January 2011 – AND FINALLY…

As the last week of January 2011 comes to a close, the sport and social human development agenda sees much action in the policy, the delivery and above all the future global potential impact that will result in the local lives of a global youth culture that is becoming louder in its disaffection whether it be developing or developed in nationhood. Europe will take centre stage with the IOC hosting UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon to discuss how sport and Olympism will play its role in what is now a clear commitment of the ongoing global effort of sport More >

Word From the Streets w/c 24th January 2011 – QUOTES

“Sport is a language that everyone speaks. Therefore, sport is an excellent tool to assist in development and peace building efforts. The United Nations family and the Olympic movement share many common values and I greatly appreciate the dedication of IOC President Rogge and the Olympic family as a whole to contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and other United Nations priorities.”

-       UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, speaking at a meeting the IOC in Switzerland.

“I actually get some good ideas when I’m training, particularly cycling. I’ll come into the office and start firing them off and everyone else is thinking: More >

Word From the Streets w/c 24th January 2011 – INTERNATIONALLY

People in Egypt have been following their Tunisian neighbours and taking to the streets and protesting against the government. Again online social network sites such as Facebook have been used to rally the civilian foot-soldiers as they cry out for democracy, to be treated with dignity, and to have a fair slice of the economic pie. The protests have been in different cities and regions of the country including Sinai region where a Bedouin protester was shot, in Cairo, Suez and Ismailiya as well. Scores of people have been injured or killed, and 1,000 people arrested. Opposition leader and Nobel More >