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Word From the Streets w/c 3rd January 2011 – AND FINALLY…

Four-hundred soccer clubs are set receive payments from FIFA for their players appearances at the South Africa 2010 World Cup. A fund of £25m has been set aside by the executive committee for the 736 players who participated in the tournament. Barcelona is set receive the most with £560,000, whilst Premier League clubs Chelsea and Liverpool will receive £492,000 and £449,000 respectively from the ‘per player’ deal. WFTS Comment – NO COMMENT!!!

Word From the Streets w/c 3rd January 2011 – QUOTES

“I’d never been so nervous, I felt all alone. But then something special happened.”

-       Alastair Cook on England’s Ashes cricket victory over Australia, in Australia.

Word From the Streets w/c 3rd January 2011 – INTERNATIONALLY

A year on from the Haiti earthquake and the promises of reconstruction of infrastructure and society seem a distant forgotten memory. At present there are more than 1million people living in cramped camps, of this 380,000 are children, 3,000 of whom are waiting to be reunited with their families. The devastating earthquake killed 250,000 people, and since the quake 3,651 people died from cholera outbreak with a total of 170,000 needing life-saving treatment. Figures from Oxfam say that only 5% of rubble has been cleared and only 15% of the temporary housing needs have been met. People do not have More >

Word From the Streets w/c 3rd January 2011 – NATIONALLY

The National Trust has been selling the credentials of outdoor exercise, citing research from the University of Essex which showed exercising in the natural environment can boosts people’s physical and mental health more than going to indoor gyms. The Outdoor Gym Challenge, includes power walking, tree press ups and ‘spotty dogs’ (on the spot step back and using opposite arm and leg). It was launched on New Year’s Day and can be done anywhere, not just at National Trust centres. Green exercise specialist Dr Jo Barton from the University of Essex said: “The effects of exercising outdoors in natural surrounds More >

Word From the Streets w/c 3rd January 2011 – REGIONALLY

Internationally renowned actor Pete Postlethwaite has passed away aged 64 after a battle with cancer. Born in Warrington February 16 1946, he became a teacher before following his heart into theatre, training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School at the age of 24, and developing his career at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool in the early 1970s alongside stars such as Bill Nighy, Julie Walters, Alan Bleasdale, Jonathan Pryce, Matthew Kelly and Anthony Sher, and under artistic director Alan Dossor. He went to star in a host of hit films including parts an IRA suspect in In The Name More >

Word From the Streets w/c 3rd January 2011 – LOCALLY

Alexandra Park could soon be benefitting from a much-needed facelift. The park opened in 1870 and was the city’s first public park and a regional pride of place. However, the years have been hard and the park is now rundown, but bids of £3.25m have been lodged the reinvigorate the park that was once considered the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Manchester’s green spaces. The investment would pay for new football, cricket and lacrosse pitches, tennis courts and two softball diamonds and changing facilities. The dilapidated Victorian lodge in the centre of the park that has not been used for More >

Word From the Streets w/c 3rd January 2011

2010  sees a slow global start to a year that promises and presents so much by way of challenge and opportunity. The social and human development movement through sport is now well established. The need to bring policy, discussion, debate and effort see more collaboration as opposed to competition. For the communities and the young people in them, it surely has to be and must be reflected in the ideals of the modern Olympic movement and its founder, Monsieur Pierre de Coubertin. First, we must have the social, cultural taking part before we have the winning. Lets hope that we More >

Word From the Streets – w/c 27th December 2010 – AND FINALLY…

Three of best for the sporting youth………

A future young girl who now aspires to be a Paralympian athlete has returned to the hospital where she had her leg amputated to thank her surgeon. Danielle Bradshaw, 11, from Hyde, was inspired by British soldiers playing sports using prosthetic limbs, in her decision to have her useless right leg amputated and to become a Paralympic runner. The brave teen thanked her orthopaedic surgeon Stan Jones for carrying out the operation at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and has been nominated for the professional of the year at the OKE (Our Kids Eyes) Awards. More >

Word From the Streets – w/c 27th December 2010 – QUOTE

“Watching Prime Minister’s Questions I was annoyed at the rubbish they spouted, the way the truth was misrepresented.”

-       Gail Emms, national, European and world champion at badminton, on the school sport partnership cut backs.

Word From the Streets – w/c 27th December 2010 – NATIONALLY

The frustrated and disenfranchised youth of Gaza whose voice more often than not marginalised and ignored by the authorities of Palestine, Israel and the world, are fighting back the only way they know how, through the cyber space. A group of Palestinian youths have launched what it calls the Gaza Youth’s Manifesto for Change, a document that has caught the attention of thousands of people online. The young people who have produced the document have risked themselves and their families security. Gaza has a population of 1.5 million, 50%+ of which are aged under 18. To view the document please More >