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Word From the Streets w/d 2nd August 2010 – AND FINALLY…

The funeral of snooker legend Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins has taken place with hundreds of people lining the streets of his home town Belfast. The service was led by the Dean of Belfast Houston McKelvey at St Anne’s Church of Ireland, and followed emotional scene’s with a tearful Jimmy White carrying the coffin. Alex Higgins died aged 61 after a long battle with cancer and alcohol. At the service, Dean McKelvey said: “Alex at a very young age encountered two of the greatest temptations possible – fame and fortune. He found it difficult to cope with both. He was not the first to find More >

Word From the Streets w/d 2nd August 2010 – QUOTES

“If Britain looked like its Government, about four million adults would have gone to Eton, there would be no black people, and for everyone one woman there would be six men.”

-       Sean O’Grady, columnist for the Independent, on the absence of diversity in the 119 people running the country.

“You get dropped and it does cross your mind to play somewhere else.”

-       England cricket star, Sajid Mahmood, who has considered playing for Pakistan when he had not been selected for his choice England.

“Baggio hides his life like he used to hide the ball, which would reappear just in time for him More >

Word From the Streets w/d 2nd August 2010 – INTERNATIONALLY

Self made Billionaire’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have decided it’s time for the richest people in the world to give away their money. Bill Gates has been flying around the world checking on the social investments his foundations are making, and now he and Buffet have signed up 40 of America’s richest individuals to their Giving Pledge. The pledge that they have publicly signed up to is to give away “the majority” of their money during their lifetime or shortly after their death. Leading the way Gates and his wife Melinda have already given away most their wealth to More >

Word From the Streets w/d 2nd August 2010 – NATIONALLY

The return of disgraced Premier League soccer star Marlon King has been met with derision and moral confusion as to whether he has the right to earn hundred’s of thousands playing professional football following his conviction for sexual and physical assault. The same happened when Lee Hughes returned to professional soccer career following his jail for killing someone whilst drink driving and fleeing from the seen. The real moral dilemma for English soccer is how often these incidents of bad behaviour are occurring and how often it covers up these incidents to protect its image. WFTS Comments – it is More >

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd August 2010 – REGIONALLY

Liverpool FC could be owned by the taxpayer if a buyer cannot be found. The club owes £325m to the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is currently owned by the Government. The club’s main loan of £237m expires on 6th October, and must be repaid or rolled over. The club needs a new owner in order to pay back this money, and there are prospective interests from Chinese businessman Kenny Huang, Syrian Yahaya Kirdi, the Kuwaiti Kharafi Group, the US private-equity firm Rhone Group and the Indian conglomerate Sahara.

The crime blighted estate of Stockbridge Village is receive a £25m facelift. More >

Word From the Streets w/c 2nd August 2010 – LOCALLY

The Sky Ride city tour arrived in Manchester this weekend with an estimated 20,000 cyclists taking advantage of the opportunity to ride through the car-free streets of the city centre. A 12-kilometre route was marked out for the cyclists, taking them past the city’s most famous landmarks between Sportcity and Castlefield.

Manchester United soccer star Anderson Luis Adreu Oliveira has reportedly been pulled out of burning vehicle only moments before it blew up. Anderson, 22, is said to been dragged out of an Audi R8 following a crash on a rural road in the Geres area of Braga in Portugal. The More >

Word From the Streets w/c 26th July 2010 – AND FINALLY…

The major high street clothing retailer Marks & Spencer’s has said it is now selling school uniforms for supper-sized pupils as Britain’s childhood obesity crisis leads to demand for theses sizes. The M&S Plus range now has school uniforms with trousers and skirts with sizes up to 41-inch waist. Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said: “This is the actual commercial recognition of what we have known for some time – that obesity in pre-schoolers is building up. Now 27 per cent of entrants to primary schools are overweight or obese.”

Word From the Streets w/c 26th July 2010 – QUOTES

“I get no financial help at all. It’s all down to owners and sponsors. William and Harry have to work now. William has, unfortunately, got a big future ahead of him.”

-       Princess Zara Phillips on the struggles of the Royal’s.

“The cunning thing to do would be to hold the Olympic Games a year early and catch the world napping.”

-       London Mayor, Boris Johnson’s plan to increase Britain’s medal haul.

“Rich, think kids do better than poor clever children.”

-       Michael Gove, the education secretary, on how success at schools is still to closely linked to background.

“Don’t stop believing”

-       Formula One star Michael More >

Word From the Streets w/c 26th July 2010 – INTERNATIONALLY

A British teenager has lost her fight for life after 12 days in a hospital in Magaluf. Grace Ford, 17, fell from the seventh floor of an apartment block in the Majorca resort. She had been holidaying with school friends after completing her A-levels.

A 4-year-old boy has killed a girl with his mother’s gun in Indianapolis, USA. Aunesti Lee Allen, 3, was shot dead by a handgun he picked up from the kitchen table. The dead girl’s mother Fiona C. Lee has been held on suspicion of child neglect and drug offences whilst police search for the boy and his More >