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Word From the Streets – W/c 31st May 2010 – AND FINALLY…

Teenage sprint sensation, Jodie Williams, is trying to keep her feet on the ground as she breaks records for the 100m and 200m sprints. Jodie, 16, is in the middle of GCSE’s as she competes in the international competitions, she tops the 200m European women’s rankings, and is top of the British 100m list. At the Loughborough International the Hertfordshire teen won the 200m’s with a time 22.79 seconds, a European youth record. At the Inter Counties Championships in Bedford Jodie beat the 31-year-old British junior (under-20) 100m record with a time 11.24sec. Jodie said: “I’m right in the middle More >

Word From the Streets w/c 31st May 2010 – QUOTES

“Argentines should relax because to beat this team, rivals will have to put all their beef on the grill. I have 23 wild cats prepared to leave their skins on the pitch.”

Diego Maradona, Soccer World Cup legend and Argentina manager.

“Without the lawnmower, football would not have evolved from the medieval village brawl” – Clive Aslet, the former editor of Country Life

“The Anfield faithful can be dismissed as being more deluded than cultists in Waco” –

James Corrigan, columnist with The Independent on Sunday, discussing the soap opera that is Liverpool FC

Word From the Streets w/c 31st May 2010 – INTERNATIONALLY

The England soccer team arrived in South Africa for the World Cup with an armed guard of 17 security vehicles as they were rushed to their team hotel. The team was also accompanied by a police helicopter and spotter plane which circled overhead on the route to Royal Sports Campus, in Phokeng, near Rustenburg. WFTS Comments – So much for bringing the game to the people.

The storming of aid flotillas to Gaza by Israeli troops has been met with international condemnation. More than a 1,000 people marched to the Israeli embassy in London; a crowd of 10,000 people tried to More >

Word From the Streets w/c 31st May 2010 – NATIONALLY

The London Olympics is to set to see an Oscar winning opening ceremony performance according to games organisers Locog. Top impresarios and directors of the British film and music world have been sounded out with Danny Boyle topping the list. But the Locog chief executive Paul Deighton has played down expectations that it will be as impressive as the Beijing opening ceremony. Mr Dieghton said: “I am not sure how many countries would have the resources or indeed the controlled resources to put on an event like that. I doubt we will have 20,000 people doing things in unison in More >

Word From the Streets w/c 31st May 2010 – REGIONALLY

A 52-year-old cab driver went on a violent rampage through rural Cumbria killing twelve people. Derek Bird’s victims included people he knew and random victims whom he did not know. The grandfather and father-of-two killed two fellow drivers, his family solicitor and his own twin brother. Bird led the Cumbria police on trial of death before taking his own life.

Young people in the North West are being encouraged to consider engineering apprenticeships in the Aerospace industry. The North West Aerospace Alliance has been using the Farnborough Air Show to showcase their apprenticeship programmes. The industry is seeking to plug a More >

Word From the Streets w/c 24th May 2010 – AND FINALLY…

The much-anticipated launch of the iPad has been overshadowed by the ‘inhumane’ conditions at Chinese factories where it is being built. The makers Apple have been embarrassed by 11 suicide attempts at the Foxcom factory in the southern boom city of Shenzhen. The vast factory employs 300,000 who earn 30p an hour. The workers can work up to 15 hours a day in heat of 30C, breaking the 12 hour a day, or 60 hour week, rule stipulated by Apple. Nine workers have died and two seriously injured, they were all young people under the age of 25 with others More >

Word From the Streets w/c 24th May 2010 – QUOTES

“I’m a team-player – I’ve never had time for fractions.” –

Labour MP Andy Burnham, on why he should become the next Labour leader.

“We were so excited after qualifying, we intended to go out for a good time. But we just had dinner and went to bed.” –

North Korea’s star striker Jong Tae-se

“Hola, South Africa. I love South Africa.” –

The one and only …Diego Maradona

“If we demonise migrants it reflects badly on us. Xenophobia merges ideas about race, religion and security with hatred and fear …it harms all of us.” –

Sigrid Rausing, columnist the Evening Standard.

“We must be here to help More >

Word From the Streets w/c 24th May 2010 – INTERNATIONALLY

The success of anti-retroviral drugs in the battle against Aids has had two important successes, it is had allowed sufferers to live longer, and at the same time has reduced the infectiousness of the disease. The drugs delay the onset of Aids from HIV and reduce the viral load. The cost of providing the 33million people with the drugs is enormous, however,  the cost of doing nothing is bigger. In 2008; 33.4m People living with HIV/Aids, including 31.3million adults, 15.7million women, 2.1million children; 2million people died from Aids, 0.28million were children; 9.5million people in urgent need of life-saving Aids drugs; More >

Word From the Streets w/c 24th May 2010 – NATIONALLY

The new coalition government has announced £6bn of cuts with: £683m (5.1%) from the Department for Transport; £780m (7.4%) from Communities and Local Government; £405m (1.5%) from Local Government spending; £836m (3.9%) from Business; £367m (3.5%) from the Home Office; £670m (1.2%) from Department of Education; £325m (3.4%) Ministry of Justice; £55m (2.5%) Foreign Office; £85m (2.7%) from Energy and Climate Change; £162m (5.6%) from Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; £88m (3.5%) from DCMS; £535m (5.7%) from DWP; £451m (3.9%) from Chancellors department; £79m (3.3%) from the Cabinet Office; £704m (1.3%) from Devolved administrations. (Sorry about the stats!)

Tory MP Ian More >

Word From the Streets w/c 24th May 2010 – REGIONALLY

A Liverpool school has hit a chord with pupils by allowing them to play their favourite tunes for the home time bell. Everton’s North Liverpool Academy is allowing pupils with the best attendance records to choose official home time tune of the week. The school has improved attendance records since its September move to a new £40m home, up from 89% to 92%.

Liverpool bin-men have been banned from displaying their support for the England team during the World Cup. They have been told to sign contracts agreeing not fly the St George’s Cross in their cabs or be suspended.

James Wills, More >