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Local » Word From the Streets w/c 10th May 2010

GMP chief superintendent Rebekah Sutcliffe has said that her police officers can solve the gang feud in Brinnington, Stockport, following a community assertion that the police can’t do anything. Sutcliffe said: I want to make it absolutely clear that Brinnington is a priority. And I simply don’t accept that there are problems in Brinnington that we can’t solve. I was disappointed to read the article last week because our neighbourhood policing team has been doing some really positive work in the area. The situation in Brinnington is not out of hand. We have problems that we need to address, but More >

And Finally » 26 April 2010

British Tennis pro Robert Dee has lost libel action against press claim’s he was the ‘world’s worst’ player. The player has been pursuing the numerous papers and internet in Britain and internationally over the claims. Mr Dee’s record at ranking tournaments on the international circuit is 54 straight defeats. On his website Dee states that the BBC paid him £35,000 and that 35 other agencies have said sorry for the incorrect reports.

Quotes » Word from the Streets » 26 April 2010

‘I grew up in a nice house in a nice part of Hackney. My parents worked really hard for me to have a nice education.’ Leona Lewis has hit back at descriptions of her as a ghetto superstar.

‘I feel so alive in South Africa: I danced and danced when the plane touched down.’ Sepp Blatter, FIFA president, on a 2008 trip to South Africa.

‘We want customers to enjoy the same food here in South Africa that they would enjoy back home. McDonalds embraces the world’s passion for food and football.’ Fifa’s exclusive catering rights holder Mcdonalds rules out local produce.

‘It More >

International » Word from the Streets » 26 April 2010

Cricket’s world governing body, the ICC, is warning players of the dangers of ‘honey trap’s’, where by prostitutes are being sent to lure players into match fixing. The Anti-Corruption Unit of the ICC has said that is battling to cope with the corrupt gambling syndicate’s trying to take advantage of the global betting markets, worth billions of pounds a year.

A man broke into a primary school in south China and stabbed 15 pupils and a teacher, on the same day that an attacker who had killed eight pupils was executed. The attack was by a primary school teacher from another More >

National » Word from the Streets » 26 April 2010

The state-of-the-art Wembley Stadium is having its 11th pitch laid since it opened three years ago. The pitch has been a constant source of criticism and has cost another £90,000 to be relayed.

Labour and Conservative fears of a hung parliament are being supported not by the banks/markets, but also by the 2018 World Cup bid, with fears no outright winner would see a lack of heavyweight political support for the bid.

A crackdown on drug dealers has lead to an increase in violent crime. A review of 20 years of research into police tactics in tackling the sale of illegal drugs More >

Regional » Word from the Streets » 26 April 2010

A house in Huyton was shot at by gunmen on a motorbike, blasting out the downstairs window with what is thought to be a shotgun. Three people were in the house but no-one was hurt.

Nicky Ayers, in his mid-40s, a Liverpool gangster and Sunday league team manager was shot dead in the street in a gangland execution. He was blasted three times outside a relative’s home in West Derby.

Four pupils from a Liverpool school have been arrested for what has been described as an ‘racially aggravated’ disturbance. Two 12-year-old girls and two boys, aged 15 and 16, were arrested following More >

Local » Word from the Streets » 26 April 2010

Local London 2012 Olympic hopeful, Shauna Thompson, a track and field athlete, has been training with the British lacrosse team at the Eastland’s stadium, to improve her sprinting. Shauna, 18, is a former Commonwealth Youth Games Champion, and qualified for the recent World Youth Championship in the 100m and 200m. The Sale Harriers Manchester star is studying for her A Levels at Salford College and said: ‘I just want to see how well my athletics career goes this year because I might not want to go to university just yet. I really want to go to London 2012 and if More >

And Finally » 19 April 2010

Former IOC president, Juan Antonio Samaranch, has passed away leaving a son and daughter. Samaranch had reigned over the Olympic games for 21 years and was responsible for policies that modernised and transformed it’s financial and administration, turning the games in the multi-billion pound industry it is today. Samaranch had switched sides during the Spanish Civil War, choosing to fight for fascist Franco and the elected republic, he took these far right policies into his political career at local and national levels. In 2001 he retired from the IOC in cloud of controversy surrounding endemic corruption. WFTS comments – Let’s More >

Quotes » Word from the Streets » 19 April 2010

‘Other sports should follow golf’s culture, where whispers of cheating are punishment enough.’ Ian Carter, BBC

‘The idea that players police their own behaviour is part of the fabric of golf’ Matthew Syed, The Times

‘Brian Davies is being credited with restoring the good name of his sport’ James Corrigan, The Independent

‘The scouts reject suffocating political correctness and health and safety paranoia’ James Delingpole, The Daily Telegraph.

International » Word from the Streets » 19 April 2010

The governments of the US, UK and Europe are having to make tough cut backs after bailing the banks and creating huge deficits, but this hasn’t changed the ‘culture of greed’ at the banks- Goldman Sachs have announced bonus payments of £3.2 billion. The company has been found to have helped hide the true extent of Greece’s financial crisis in a crude money making scheme.

The decadence of the lavish Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament has come under scrutiny after becoming the massively popular event, attracting spectators, sponsors and money worshippers alike. The IPL is now worth £2.7bn but has More >