Word from the Streets

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd April 2012 – AND FINALLY…

A Japanese boy who lost everything when the 2011 tsunami hit his home has had his prized soccer ball returned. The ball of Misaki Murakami, 16, was found washed up on an Alaskan shore 3,350 miles away by David Baxter from Middleton Island. It had the soccer fans name and school name on, Mr Baxter’s Japanese wife Yumi read this and began the search to find the owner. Shiori Sato, 19, was also traced after her volleyball washed up.

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd April 2012 – QUOTES

“Even people who commit murder are sometimes pardoned.”

-       Glen Mills, who coaches Usain Bolt, expressing his feelings on the return of Justin Gatlin following a ban for drugs cheating.


“Players in Serie A think they are gods who can make a match end whichever way they want.”

-       Maurizio Galdi, sports journalist on Italian football


“I honestly believe that newspapers and all they mean, mistakes and qualities, are a huge benefit to society.”

-       A quote from Tom Watson’s book Dial M for Murdoch.


“I’m on a mission and in a hurry.”

-       Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith.


“We have never experienced such hardship before.”

-       General Abdulaziz More >

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd April 2012 – INTERNATIONALLY

The Bahrain 2012 Grand Prix was sold to the world as a ‘unifying force’ in the troubled country. However, the world’s exclusive sporting event may have come and gone but the troubles have increased and not decreased. Protestor Hussein, 25, said: “We could not stop the race but now Formula One has left Bahrain, we are still here and we will continue to fight.”

-       Channel 4 reporter Jonathan Miller and his team were arrested in Bahrain following a car chase and deported. They had been filming demonstrations when they were spotted by a police helicopter. There driver and guide were More >

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd April 2012 – NATIONALLY

The London 2012 Festival will feature a bouncy castle replica of Stonehenge touring the country. The festival will celebrate the Olympic Games bringing it closer to the community. The event will involve 25,000 artists from all 204 competing Olympic countries, with 12,000 events and performances. It will run for 12 weeks featuring: Shakespeare in 40 languages; Poetry falling from the sky; Damon Alban’s Dr Dee; An opera from a helicopter; Scissor Sisters at BT River of Music; A lake on fire; Film from Shetland to Southampton. The Stonehenge bouncy castle is called Sacriledge and is the brainchild of Jeremy Deller, More >

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd April 2012 – LOCALLY

Five thousand intrepid runners who raised £1m for charity have completed the Greater Manchester Marathon this weekend. It was the first time in 10 years that the event has been held and was won by Dave Norma, a 33-year-old salesman from Denton, with a time of 2hrs 24mins 46secs.

A team of young ice-skater’s from Altringham have won gold at an international tournament. The Twizzles beat off competition from Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Australia at the Trophy D’Ecosse 2012 competition in Dumfries, Scotland.


Pupils from Wellington High School in Timperly have raised £36,000 for the Genesis Breast Cancer Appeal. Students at the More >

Word From the Streets w/c 23rd April 2012

Sport is politics and politics is sport – the two go hand in hand and for those who doubt – read on…

Word From the Streets w/c 16th April 2012 – AND FINALLY…

Lord Brett has passed away. The man was large in stature and character, and worked his way from a Railway Clerk to a world leader in workers rights. Bill Brett was born in Bury, Lancashire, in 1942 to Irish parents, and attended St Joseph’s Primary School and Radcliffe Technical College in Manchester. He worked his way up the Union ladder to become head of the International Labour Organisation, the UN body for employment standards. Brett fort for worker’s rights, and in particular against the worst forms of child labour, playing a major role in the 1998 ILO Declaration of Fundamental More >

Word From the Streets w/c 16th April 2012 – QUOTES

“The number of young people claiming Jobseekers Allowance in London has gone up fourfold.”

-       Jonathan Portes, director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.


“Nothing to do with Formula One.”

-       Bernie Ecclestone’s response to criticism for not cancelling this years Grand Prix in Bahrain, amidst the suppression of protests in the country.


“The surly young man in a hoodie who turns up look unwilling to work can turn into an excited and motivated employee.”

-       Employment minister Chris Grayling calls for business to employ young British hoodies.


“They never said sorry for hurting me.”

-       Thusha Kamaleswaran, aged 6, who was shot in More >

Word From the Streets w/c 16th April 2012 – INTERNATIONALLY

The Bahrain Grand Prix went ahead despite the host nation being in upheaval against its rulers. A protestor had been found dead, suspected of being beaten to death by police, leading to around 7,000 people to take to the streets. The troubles were dismissed by FIA, with their president Jean Todt, saying: “Yes there are some protests, because it is a democratic country and protests are allowed.” A picture of the bloodied body of Salah Abbas Habib, 37, was distributed to the media. A further 80 protestors were said to be injured as security services cracked down on the demonstrations. More >

Word From the Streets w/c 16th April 2012 – NATIONALLY

The London 2012 Olympics are now less than 100 days away and so the momentum of expectation builds…


In order to ensure The Parade of Nations only lasts for 1.5hours during the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, the number of officials taking part will be restricted. The Beijing 2008 parade lasted for two hours. All accredited competitors will take part but the key officials of the 200+ nations will be limited. As the competitors and officials complete the 1.5km walk they will be cheered on by 2,500 schoolchildren.


Team GB will be boosted by a £750,000 investment as part of a partnership More >