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The role of the social coach is to be a mentor and facilitator - a guide and role model - for young people in the community through participation in sport or other social agencies. Their individual experiences and qualifications may vary but each will have in common self-awareness, knowledge of life-skills, personal attributes and values, which they bring to the role.


Key to the philosophy of becoming a social coach is the notion of self-awareness, openness and self-development. Personal skills such as listening, observing, objective assessment, communicating, leading, etc... are an integral part of the development and training of each social coach, as well as familiarisation with the Youthwise programmes and toolkits which they will apply in mentoring and facilitating the social and personal development of young people.





Potential Social Coaches are identified and then selected against a role profile. This profile accounts for any relevant professional or technical skills, knowledge and experience, plus personal attributes and cultural compatibility with the agency and young people concerned. Once selected the coaches will undergo an initial training programme. The number of days for training will be determined by 3 variables from a Youthwise perspective:


-The experience and self awareness of the selected attendees

-The needs of the young people with whom they will be working

-The extent of the existing agency network and support within the community for the young people


Youthwise has created a modular approach to the training needs of the social coach, which potentially could take place over a one-year period.


After the initial training there are opportunities for reviews of the process and the programme. In addition there is an option for individual coaching and development as and if the need arises.


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