The Youth Charter is a UK registered charity and UN accredited non-governmental organisation.


The Youth Charter tackles educational non-attainment, health, inequality, anti-social behaviour and the negative effects of crime, drugs, gang related activity and racism by applying the ethics of sporting and artistic excellence. These can then be translated to provide social and economic benefits of citizenship, rights and responsibilities, together with improved education, health, social order and environment.


The Youth Charter adopts a multi-faceted approach to achieving its objectives, often by forging partnerships with a wide range of public and private sector agencies – engaging, motivating and inspiring sustainable and achievable benefits.


One of the key challenges of a truly coordinated approach to the delivery of social and human development is in understanding the two distinct approaches that need to be employed. Whilst sport and cultural activity bring people together, a more structured approach needs to be implemented to build the social and cultural benefits that our communities need. The Youth Charter has developed such an integrated approach.


The UK has unconsciously adopted the philosophy mission and aims of the Youth Charter into its social inclusion and regeneration programmes. The Youth Charter continues to contribute at all levels of the social and human development of young people and communities through policy, deliver and innovation.






YOUTH CHARTER FOR SPORT  Registered charity 1065861

 The Atrium, Ground Floor, Anchorage 2, Anchorage Quay, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3YW, UK

Sports, culture and arts...
Social and human development for life...
Sports, culture and arts...
Social and human development for life...

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